Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oh I Would Make Einstein Jealous With My Brilliance

Back from camping! While I had fun and it was good to get out of town for a couple of days, being the genius that I am, I did make three fairly significant mistakes pertaining to my trip.
Numero uno: I forgot my camera. Seriously. What kind of a blogger forgets to bring their camera on their only trip of the summer?! I realized it when we were driving through San Francisco, and couldn't justify driving the hour and a half back home to get it. Dang!
Numero dos: Our plan was to go to the Russian River, but I somehow booked our campsite in Cloverdale, where apparently the river doesn't really make a huge appearance! We did drive to Healdsburg our second day, where we found the river, but our campsite in Cloverdale was in the middle of nowhere. Well, it was near a tiny duck pond but no river! Doh!
Numero tres: When we found the river, we ended up taking an 8 mile kayak trip. It was super cool, and the company allows dogs to go in the inflatable kayaks. My mom was in charge of keeping the dogs in the kayak, which meant that I was on row duty! The mistake was made in that I put sunscreen everywhere but the tops of my legs and my stomach! Now I look like a lobster... and I am ridiculously sore! Ouch!

Anyhoo... here's what I wore to work tonight. I thought I'd try this new one-feather-earring trend, and I'm not gonna lie, I'm liking it! :)
Blouse: Forever 21 (thrifted $10) Jeans: American Rag ($25 from Macy's) Sandals: Roxy ($15 from Macy's) Belt (thrifted $8) Earring: Feather from an American Rag vest put on a small hoop (creative, eh?)
Now I'm tired from a busy night at work, so goodnight to one and all!


  1. haha I love your title! and your toe nails are funky (in a good way) xx

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  2. I love the feather earring and, as usual, your multi-coloured toenails!

    And your story is hilarious! Better luck next time! I spent much of my weekend in a temper because the batteries of ALL THREE cameras that we took were dying throughout the weekend. I got pretty immature about it at one point. ; )

  3. I'm not alone after all! I went on this crazy trip to Nashville yesterday, lugged around my camra, and when I went to take pictures... I'd left the memory card at home!

    You look so beautiful as always! Your skin is flawless! And I'm loving your toenails! :)

  4. Do you have a facebook?

  5. I actually don't have a facebook or myspace account :(. This is as technologically advanced as I get haha! Sorry!

  6. I hate forgetting my camera when I get a good photo op! and cute nail colour x

  7. weird, but i love your hairline :)
    and the feather!
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  8. wow that sounded like a fun trip. I love camping :D
    And btw I love the one earring thing.

  9. Lovely blog!
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  10. Love the multicolored toenails! I rocked a similar look just a few weeks ago- just with much more colors. :)

  11. feather earrings + contrasting nailpolish= cute! Sounds like a good trip, camping is always fun no matter what you find. Sorry about your sunburn, I've got one too. UGH.

  12. Your close-up photo is so pretty! Love how you rock the one earring look, I think its better than when I did it!

  13. love the alternating colors on your toes! :):)
    come visit and follow too! <33

  14. i never like outdoor activities

    p/s the next time you forgotten the camera , you can just snap photos with camera phone i always do that lol

    and hey i like the funky colors of your toe nail polish


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