Sunday, August 15, 2010

Let The Sunshine In

Hot diggitty it's sunny today! Still a bit breezy, but hey sunshine is sunshine, right?! I just got this top today (note to self: Stop spending money!), and I think I can style it in a lot of ways... dark skinny jeans perhaps. As much as I love the shoes in these photos, I cannot walk in them on solid ground, let alone in soft, muddy grass. There were definitely some close calls walking through my front yard! ;) I am actually wearing cutoff jean shorts and a tank today, but I thought I'd practice styling my new top then change back into my sunny day outfit! It was super bright out, so it's a little hard to see the details in the top, but the bow and stripes are a pretty silver and not as washed out as they look here haha!
My silly puppies making me laugh and almost tripping me :)
Shirt: American Rag ($15 from Macy's) Leggings: ($10? from Macy's) Shoes: Steve Madden ($75 from Macy's) Earrings: My Great-Grandma Ola's
Anybody do anything fun this weekend???


  1. Your shoes are way too darn awesome!!~ they look great on you, and cute top, as well! :DD <3 our relatives came this weekend = lots of food = fat me, hahaa. <3

  2. awww you have a gorgeous smile! Seriously! It made me smile. And those shoes are making me jealoussss. Anything steve madden just takes my breath away hehe.

    Oh! Enter my giveaway if you wanna. $100 value- 5 dresses! 3 days left:)


  3. you look great. always have great outfits :D

  4. Hm.. I went back to school shopping last weekend and prepared for HIGH SCHOOL.Hah,.
    but I also LOVE the new top you bought because it has a pattern, but at the same time, its soo simple. You look great in it, and maybe you can even wear it in the fall with layering and acccesories! :)

  5. ohhhhh i love those steve madden shoes!!

  6. Those earings are amazing!! Take a closeup picture of you wearing them! :)


  7. hehe I love these pics! gorgeous top xx

  8. Ahhmn... is it too much to ask to have those Steve Maddens? Promise I'll take care of them!


    p.s. Gorgeous face, beautiful smile!

  9. Those shoes are absolutely amazing!!

  10. love your shoes!! XD

    Xoxo ♥
    Pinkie Anggia


  11. I think that's a great basic top which you'll wear all the time!

    Have you considered using photobucket to make your pictures bigger? I love looking at your photos... it would be even better if they were bigger.... ; )

    I'm having a giggle now imagining you navigating the yard in impossible shoes; I have been there!

  12. Great look. Beautiful shoes!

  13. Those earrings are so delicate and pretty. I love that you list prices; you seem like a good bargain-finder!

  14. cute outfit! and im jealous of your shoes x

  15. great shoes :D
    have a nice day!
    DaisyLine from

  16. haha Stop Spending Money is pretty impossible for girls esp ppl like us who cant resist pretty things

    the shoes indeed is great but if i dont think i can walk properly in them haha


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