Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Don't You Ever Stop

Oh Jeffrey Campbell, you're the poet in my heart (two Fleetwood Mac references in one post, that's right). I just found these Jeffrey Campbell clogs at Ross of all places for 50% off their retail price! Hollah! They are clogs, too, so I'm right on trend, eh?! They are beautiful and comfy, and I love them oh so very much! I also got this dress there for $7! While I really need to stop spending money, I couldn't pass these two deals up!
Dress: One Clothing ($7 from Ross) Clogs: Jeffrey Campbell 'Cayenne' Clog ($50 from Ross)
Peace Bracelet: (Gift from my aunt) Hair bow: (just found it in my room today)
Also, the past couple of days have been the first truly warm days all summer, so I have been living in my cutoff jean shorts, a tank, my bathing suit, and my super matted ocean hair! The fog just rolled back in, so looks like I won't be being so grungy (as seen below) anymore haha!


  1. I'm such a sucker for small details, I really loved that thin headband/ bow in your hair!


  2. ohh you look so nice. sometimes you just gotta treat yourself to some pretty things!

  3. you're so adorable!
    love that dress

  4. ahhh Rio , that dress is a steal ! it i love the colors , the print and the ZIPPER

    i never really try to pull off any outfit with clogs before but i think it look nice on you

  5. Oh I was thinking those clogs were pretty cute! It's awesome getting 50% off things - that was like mine. And cute dress x

  6. I really need to stop spending money too. ;)
    This outfit is REALLY amazing. I love every single thing. Your shoes are perfect, and dress... Oh, it's just beautiful. Great!

  7. Oh God, they are adorable! Listen, these are fabulous steals hun and for the price you got it for, they are a bargain.

    I must say today is one of the most expensive days of my life -I spent waaay too much money! Perhaps tomorrow, I will post about it. =(

    Last pic is my favourite!

  8. Ahh I just love Ross! You can find the very best things there and your purchase is no exception. And Jeffrey Campbell!! I'm so jealous!! I want anything Jeffrey Campbell. And that dress too, is adorable!

  9. That dress is absolutely gorgeous. Aaannnd is it weird that I got a little jealous when you mentioned your matted ocean hair? What I'd do to get a little ocean time in before the summer ends!

  10. Yay for matted ocean hair! And your clogs are pretty sweet. And that picture with the peace bracelet on the gourd cracked me up!

  11. You look lovely Rio, great shoes and hot dress! Your blog is so much fun to read xxx

    Ellie Rose xxxx

  12. so lovely dress :D



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