Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Favorites

 Ok, so honestly,  I've been a wee little bit bitter about having to go to school all summer. I mean, it's pretty lame to be sitting in class for three and a half hours when it's sunny and warm outside! Buuut, it is summer, and I am still psyched about that, so here are some of my favorite things about summer, other than its obvious awesomeness!

1.)Wearing super bright nail polish... it looks way better when I'm not uber pale!

1a) Having a doggy pool (really a kiddy pool but don't tell my dogs) to put my brightly painted toes in.

2.) Bike riding! That's my pretty cruiser in the front and my friend's rad vintage cruiser in the back. I've been riding to work and loving it :).

3.) Bathing suits!!!  I have a ton of them, but I could always have more ;). That beauty on top is my Betsey Johnson top that I agonized over before buying because it was pricey, but goodness gracious is it pretty... and I got it on sale!

4.)Sun- In.... how 80's/90's  right?! I bought it earlier this year because my hair was taking foreeeever to grow out from last time I dyed it dark, but I totally like it now!

 5.) My favorite: Smelling like a coconut allllll summer long! I just got this coconut oil from my work (thank you discount!), and it's pretty much the best smelling thing ever!
So what is your favorite part of summer???

Saturday, July 16, 2011


So, this post is a little different from most of my posts, i.e. it's not fashion related in the least bit, but I thought I'd share what I did today because, well... it was pretty freakin' fun! :) It's my mom's birthday on Monday, so I bought us both tickets to the California Beer Festival since it finally came to our town! We got little itty bitty beer glasses and got to go around and try different beers all day, although I was designated driver so I sipped quite cautiously (don't drink and drive kids!)! It was super nice out and my friend and her boyfriend went too, so it was pretty epic :).  Anywhoo, here are my favorite beers from the festival (plus a couple of CA bear shots just for kicks haha!):



*Their Pear Cider is ridiculous! It pretty much tastes like juice, which admittedly is kinda dangerous, but holy moly this stuff is tasty!* 

*Having worked at a Hawaiian food restaurant for a little over 2.5 years, I definitely have had my fair share of Kona beers, but I am for sure a fan. The Longboard is always good, and their Waialua Wheat is perfect for summer... it's made with passion fruit! :) *

         * I first tried a beer from Deschutes because it's brewed in Bend, Oregon, where my one of my best friends and her boyfriend now live, but it's actually really good, especially their Twilight Summer brew.*

Hope you all had a good day too!!! 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pretty Little Things

Wow, I have not been on this blog for a veeeeerrrry long time! School and work have been taking up more time than there is in the day! I switched jobs, so now I'm working more hours but have a much less stressful job, so it's a bit of a trade-off. I'm also taking 4 classes this summer, which is a bit of a bummer, but I need to graduate so it's a must! Anyways, I missed being on here and all of you lovlies, so I thought  I'd put together a little wish-list... pretty things that I'd love to afford! Maybe if I just work a few more hours... haha! ;)

Loving Lace Trapeze Dress