Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Favorites

 Ok, so honestly,  I've been a wee little bit bitter about having to go to school all summer. I mean, it's pretty lame to be sitting in class for three and a half hours when it's sunny and warm outside! Buuut, it is summer, and I am still psyched about that, so here are some of my favorite things about summer, other than its obvious awesomeness!

1.)Wearing super bright nail polish... it looks way better when I'm not uber pale!

1a) Having a doggy pool (really a kiddy pool but don't tell my dogs) to put my brightly painted toes in.

2.) Bike riding! That's my pretty cruiser in the front and my friend's rad vintage cruiser in the back. I've been riding to work and loving it :).

3.) Bathing suits!!!  I have a ton of them, but I could always have more ;). That beauty on top is my Betsey Johnson top that I agonized over before buying because it was pricey, but goodness gracious is it pretty... and I got it on sale!

4.)Sun- In.... how 80's/90's  right?! I bought it earlier this year because my hair was taking foreeeever to grow out from last time I dyed it dark, but I totally like it now!

 5.) My favorite: Smelling like a coconut allllll summer long! I just got this coconut oil from my work (thank you discount!), and it's pretty much the best smelling thing ever!
So what is your favorite part of summer???


  1. Yes! I love all these summer things!

  2. all so many wonderful things about summer, bike riding one and yes the smell of coconut, one of my favorite smells!


  3. Ohhh I miss summer! I can't wait for it to come back to Oz. I love wearing bright nail polish :) xx

  4. I love everything in summer! ;)

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