Friday, July 30, 2010

Love Blossom

First off, I must say Hallelujah! It is actually sunny and warm today! When we the took the pups to the beach, there was no fog, no fog wind, nothing but glorious sunshine! Yay!!!

Cool fence in the neighborhood that is awesome and reminds me of sunshine :)

I feel a bit like Courtney Love meets Blossom in this outfit, but hey I'm going with it! ;) The dress is my mom's from the early 90s, and while it is a little tight, I really like the scoop back and floral print. I decided to edge it up with these faux-Doc Martens that I hadn't worn since I thrifted them. I wondered why I hadn't worn them, since I love boots in general, but I remembered as soon as I tried to put them on and they did NOT want to fit over my feet! Hmmm... maybe they won't be keepers after all! I also decided that the hat made a better prop than accessory for this outfit, which is why there aren't any shots with it actually on my head.

Dress: My mom's from the '90s ($?) Boots: Thrifted ($15) Hat: Roxy ($20 from Macy's)
Bag: Thrifted from Flea Market ($3?) Earrings: ($20 from The Farm Bakery and Cafe)
This is what I made for dinner the other night, and even though it wasn't my favorite meal ever, it was still pretty tasty, healthy, and colorful! I just mixed brown rice (the microwaveable kind from Trader Joe's), diced avocado and tomato, canned corn, lemon juice (fresh from the awesome lemon tree by our driveway), and added a little salt and pepper. I think it was missing something... maybe feta cheese?
Any ideas of what could give it a little more flavor?

Have a good weekend! :)


  1. Wow your mum has good taste! that dress is gorgeous xx

  2. I'm so glad you finally got your sunshine!!
    And you look absolutely beautiful as always:)

  3. Thank you so much my dears! :)

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  5. dress is stunning!! you rock it (:

  6. I just notice that you haven't got a contact email on your page, so please email me and i'll send you the interview questions.


  7. wow, i love your tattoos. :D and the dress

  8. Pretty dress! And I have to say, I love your bird tattoos!

  9. i love those boots! too bad they don't fit right =/

  10. How did I ever miss this outfit? and you said it's your Mom's?


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