Friday, July 23, 2010

Ahoy There Matey

I feel like I should be down at the harbor in this outfit, but I haven't quite worked up the nerve to take location photos yet. So, you're stuck with more pictures of me in my backyard! :) There is actually a little bit of sun out today, which made the hike I went on today pretty nice and allowed me to wear a skirt (not on the hike, just afterwards)! Hooray! Also, super psyched that my mom just gave me this shirt; it doesn't fit her right (way different body type!) and I have been looking for a striped long-sleeved shirt for a long while now. Yay me! Haha! And yes... I am wearing pigtails :). Jealous?

Shirt: Hurley ($10 from Macy's) Skirt: Ripcurl ($5 from Ross) Shoes: Converse ($20 ?) Sunglasses: ($10 from Pretty Mama) Earrings: ($15 from The Farm [local coffee shop w/ awesome jewlery])

By the way... how awesome are these earrings?!


  1. The earrings are amazing! I wish I had pierced ears just for these :p

  2. Rebecca, I have some other super cool earrings from the same place, all made by local artists! I will post pictures of the others soon, since I wear them all the time! :)

  3. the earrings are super cute!

  4. Awuh, thank you so much for the follow! You are too sweet. :)) ! <3

    And those earrings.. are way too cool! I have some skeleton earrings and I also wear lobster studs on a daily basis. I love crazy earrings! :))

  5. I absolutely love the tattoos on your wrist. I got one on my left wrist, and much as I loved it, (and this is probably too much info) it bled so much that it frightened me. :o

    And I can relate about the pictures, only mine is because.. well, the good places to take pictures are right by the shoppes and such, and I feel self-concious snapping away in front of strangers. :)

    Keep up the great posts, though!

  6. Amber, luckily the tattoos on my wrists only bled a little, but as my tattoo artist was doing them he told me that he passed out when he was getting the wrist part of his sleeve done! I was thinking, Great thanks for telling me now! Haha :) Not too bad overall, though

  7. Cute simple outfit, and great accessorizing with the tattoos! ; )
    And yes, those earrings are about the best thing ever. I wish I had them to wear for Day of the Dead!

  8. I love your beautiful on your wrists too!

  9. Emily and Lucy, thanks! I have found that the more tattoos I get, the less jewelry I wear! I kind of think of them as accessories now, and find that putting jewelry on top of them looks a little cluttered haha!

  10. Love Love the easy going style, just like mine!!
    Then Chuck's for lovers!



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