Saturday, October 23, 2010

You Can Be My Alphabet and I Will Be Your Calculator

(lyrics from Sia's "Academia")
Whew! This past week has been ROUGH! Midterms, papers, and assignments-- oh my! I seriously was up until after midnight every night studying, doing homework, or grading papers for the class I'm for! Bleh, no bueno! This week won't be too much better, but I'll take any improvement at this point!
It's been rainy the past couple of days, which usually means that I'm bundled up in a giant coat. Today, though, I thought I'd try to mix things up and wear something cute and bright to make the weather seem less dreary! So, voila! ;) Bright clothes always make me feel better on cold, grey days, and I am a big fan of purple and orange together. Also, get used to me posing inside in front of my huge picture window as the weather continues to get crummier!
Ooooh, and Ashley from Two Eyes In The Mirror was kind enough to include me in a Love Your Body Day (10/20) project over on her blog! She interviewed me and a few other bloggers about body confidence, and I was so excited to be part of it! All of the interviews came out really well, and you all should definitely go check them out (and her blog, because it's awesome!)!!! Click here to check it out!

Sweater: Kirra ($8 from PacificSun) Dress: Volcom ($10 from Macy's) Boots: ($? from Ross possibly...) Scarf: (bought from the airport in Bali :) )
Hope You're All Having A Good Weekend!!!


  1. Haha awwww, garden spiders!~ I'm so going to check out your interview. :) :) And I love your scarf and the color of your dress. <3

  2. WOW! you busy bee(:
    I really love that outfit. You look so cute.

  3. I truly love the outfit! The color combination is absolutely gorgeous on you, and I love sia! I'm actually listening 'Soon We'll Be Found' at this very moment!

    PS. I just posted! :)

  4. Man, it looks like Vancouver weather out there! I'm a big believer in bright colours to beat the grey blahs... and for bright colours most of the time, actually!

    Oh, I loved your interview about the healthy body image, and I certainly agree with what you said!

  5. Awesome outfit! You look adorable. Are those tights or are your legs really just that tan? I wouldn't know...I'm white like a sheet, so I know nothing different!

    Hopefully the weather and your schedule improve. I hate bad weather, and I hate being overwhelmed with stuff!

    I loved all the interviews and enjoyed doing them! Thanks for the plug. :)

  6. Hopefully things will be a lot better this week! I saw your interview and it was really awesome!! And what a great day to celebrate too! I love using bright colors on rainy days too! Super cute outfit! :)

  7. I just love the colour of your dress, it pops!

  8. you look great! i am loving that color on you!


  9. Urg, homework and school just generally suck! I feel you on that, and I'm sure that all your hard work will pay off. If nothing else, remember that "this too shall pass." :)

    You look super comfy in that outfit! I'm definitely going to have to try some purple and orange together.

  10. AT LAST! someone who is really busy too! hehe :)

    but LOVE the scarf.. so cute :)


  11. No one told me going into college how awful midterms are! Ahhh! But they're over, at least. Sort of. Mine were two weeks ago...and I already have 3 more tests next week. It's just never ending, I'm learning:)


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