Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Must Be The Season Of The Witch

I am ready for Halloween. No, I haven't figured out my costume or made plans or really done anything, but I am still ready. It's my favorite holiday, and once Fall rolls around, my mind gets consumed with costume ideas! ;) So while this outfit isn't a costume, the bow and bell sleeves make me feel a little like a witchy woman (especially with my hair dark now)... thus the post title.

This is only the second week of school, and it's pretty much kicking my butt! Last Saturday, also known as my only day off from school and work, I took three naps... and one of them was on the floor! As a result, I have been just too darn tired to put much effort into my outfits, especially since our heat wave from last week took a dramatic turn towards the brrrr cold/rainy-side of things! The only thing that has been making me dress in anything other than jeans and sweatshirts is T.A.ing, for which I try to at least look somewhat presentable.
Oy Vay... starting to look so pale :(
Dress: Luxe ($10 from CrossRoads secondhand) Shoes: Lucky Brand Shoes ($50 from Macy's) Lace Bandeau Top [worn under dress]: Free People ($20 from Macy's)
Got any costume ideas?


  1. Super cute! And that color is really great! Hah, I actually have a ton of costume ideas, and I'm seriously excited too! And I'm even being silly and trying to keep them hushed up because I actually get to post them on my blog in a few weeks! I don't care if anyone (or everyone even) copies my ideas, I just like the idea of having surprises!! And your dog is being so cute in the pictures too! I hope the T.A.'ing and the rest of school is going well! :)

  2. Love this cute little dress...the tie is so feminine:)

    You look great!!

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  3. cute dress! no sadly the mister and i have not got any solid ideas on a costumes...we can't make up our minds!


  4. wow.. i love the fit of the dress.
    how i would love to celebrate haloween.. but we dont celebrate it in our country.
    do check out my blog.


  5. very cute dress, that color of blue looks great on you

  6. halloween is my favorite holiday too!! I think, if everything works to plan, I'm going to be Prince. His outfit is just so hard to find at thrift stores, though!!


  7. How cute! I LOVE that color on you!
    It reaalllyy brings out your hair! :)

    & hmm CATWOMAN!? or sexyyy cat woman! hahah. :))


  8. You looks so cute.
    And I know what you mean by school kicking your butt. I have been a walking zombie the past few days.

  9. Cute! I like that colour on you! And it's a very demure look of course! ; ) And wow, I didn't know you were TAing already!

  10. love your dress! and great blog

    now following you :)

  11. Wow! It's such a lovely Blog you have here!:)
    xx, Alice from bells and whistles
    Ps: Feel free to check out my Blog and if you
    want to follow me I would be so glad :)

  12. thankyou for your comment dear :)
    you should be some character from one of your favorite films, thats always fun.
    before i thought of my idea for a costume, i was thinking of being corrine burns from ladies and gentleman the fabulous stains.

  13. What a cute dress! :)

    Hmmmm, Halloweeeeeen.. I think I'm going to be Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potters. :DD but I'm not yet certain. Good luck on thinking!

  14. If I were studying in America I would love to celebrate Halloween! It looks so much fun :)
    Nice dress. Halloween outfits: maybe a twist to all those monsters...

    Camping on the clouds,

  15. I'm not ready for halloween yet!!
    Follow each other?



  16. I'm SO excited for halloween, it's one of my fave days of the year. I'm dressing up as a Japanese Gothic lolita. I keep trying to see if anyone i know would dress up as a geisha - maybe you should! x


  17. I have no idea what I am gonna do for Halloween, I think I am just gonna put on mickey ears and thats it. :D You look lovely!

  18. Beautiful dress! You really have the body for it. So cute!

  19. i can't wait for halloween - i'm such a child!
    love your blog btw :) x


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