Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The only way into the sun is walking, but you'd rather run

(lyrics from Jaymay's "You'd Rather Run")
Oh what a bad blogger I've been! Not to make excuses (but I'm gonna ;) ), but I did start school last Thursday, and I had to run my first discussion section for the California Geology class that I am T.A.ing today. The T.A.ing went really well, which is good because I was pretty nervous! I am taking 3 geology classes (yay science haha!), so I'm kind of geology-ed out already though!
And you know how I complained all summer about the fog and lack of sunshine? Well our late summer has hit, and it has hit hard!!! It was 103 degrees yesterday, which is pretty much unheard of in these parts of California--- 80 degrees is considered real warm here! My university's campus is up in the redwood trees, but the weather is always about 5 times more intense than in town, so it was way too hot all day up there!
As for my outfit, it is too hot to wear much, so when not in a bathing suit with my dogs at the beach, I've been in light airy dresses. This dress is actually a skirt, but it's kind of an awkward ankle length and sits too high on my waist, so dress it is! ;) I love everything about these shoes except the way they fit... they don't stay on my flippin' feet! :( As for my vest, I am basically obsessed with anything crocheted, especially in vest form. Wearing a cute vest is the easiest way to give any simple outfit some spunk and style! My braids, well those are just because it's too darn hot to wear my hair down.
Skirt (worn as dress): O'Neill ($15 from Macy's) Vest: American Rag ($10 from Macy's) Shoes: Hurley ($15)
(This is what a bad dog looks like! Ginger, you lil' devil!)
And I do have a couple of post ideas lined up for this week, so hopefully it will make up for my lack of posting! :)


  1. You, my dear, are beautiful.
    I can relate with the craaazy heat. The other day it was 98, and then today, it was only 70. Oy.

    And your hair!!! Beautiful! <3

  2. cute crochet.Ugh I wish it were a bit warmer here in NY,its in the 60s/70s and rainy :(

  3. Your outfit is sooo cute!! Love the cutouts and of course those super sweet shoes!!

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  4. your dog is super cute! lovely photos :)


  5. Super cute; I'm with you on crochet things, though until this summer I was turning my nose up at them! I don't understand fahrenheit very well, but I can see that that's a pretty big leap!

  6. Ahh I've always wanted to T.A., but I guess it's not going to happen in my undergrad years. And I'm jealous of your heat, by the way. It's cold here. Quite cold.

    I love your vest and those shoes, even if they do slip off your feet!

    Hope things calm down for you a bit at school! Good luck with everything!

  7. I'm glad the T.A.'ing went well, I hope all geology classes really rock! ;) And that's a super cute outfit! Its a shame those shoes don't fit right because they are really cute! I hope the weather works out, and I hope you have a great day!! :)

  8. So cute! The vest really adds a lot to this outfit!

  9. Wow, 103?!?! That's wild, where's September weather?

  10. Love that vest! I have one similar to it but you really can never have enough

  11. So funny, my friend's dog's name is Ginger too!

    Missed you Cutie!



  12. Omg, I'm so sorry for the heat.
    It's not as hot in Michigan anymore.
    You look great and I love you hair.

  13. Oh I love the dress, it's so adorable. And the vest looks great. You look gorgeous lady :]

  14. Haha, your puppy! Someone's been naughty. :D So cute. <3 I love the back of your vest, and that's quite innovative of you to wear a skirt as a dress! I would have never guessed.

    It's so funny that you say you just got a heatwave there because yesterday it just suddenly dropped from 95 degrees daily to hovering around 75 degrees-- it's awesome. :D

  15. the color of shoes is sweeet! ya have a super cute blog here :)xo~ check out my blog & follow if ya like!

    ps-i have a giveaway, ends 0ct9 :)

  16. wow I love your vest! hehe your dog is so cute (even if he is a little rascal) xx

  17. This is so sweet!
    I still have yet to find a dress or top like your vest :>

    Designing clouds,

  18. Cute dress/skirt.
    Thanks for your comment.
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  19. LOVE those shoes!
    & hope school is going well :))



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