Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Devil Makes Three

[aka: one of my favorite bands ever ;) ]
(my new beanie from Forever 21 ($4.50 online)- expect to see it lots!)
Guess who's got two thumbs and is finally starting to feel better?! This chica! Hollah! ;)
On top of feeling better, the sun was out today, and I took two of my pups to the park with my friend and her adorable pup! I realize now that I spend way too much time with dogs and probably not enough with humans haha! Oh well, school starts next week, so I'll be around plenty of people soon enough.
On to my outfit, I have had this dress for a couple of years but have never worn it. It is super see-through and kind of shapeless, but for some reason I just can't seem to give it up. So, I thought I should at least wear it once before making up my mind... which I still haven't done! My cowboy boots are from a children's secondhand store, and they are still too big for my ridiculously small feet! But whatever, I still rock 'em anyways! ;)

Also, please excuse the immense amount of photos, rambling, and silly faces- this is what happens when I'm not sick!
Dress: Lux (Thrifted $10) Boots: ($? Got them years ago)
Earrings: ($20 from The Farm Bakery)
Love these the most!
What bands are you hooligans listening to these days?


  1. oh yay, glad you feeling better and got out of the house! you look great! you have awesome style little lady!

    love the tattoos on your wrist! i am trying to design two birds on either wrist one for me and the other for the mister...i want my bird to have a needle and thread in it's mouth and trying to think what i want the misters to be carrying...can't wait to get it! i am sure it is going to hurt but worth it!


  2. that dress is SO adorable. and how cute are those doggies in the background??? love it.

  3. thanks for the comment :)
    I saw a couple cute beanies & berets from the F21 website.

  4. How cool, a doggie playdate! This dress is really cute, and it seems like you could do a whole lot of creative layering with it too! Yay for feeling better and a great beanie. :)

  5. Loving the beanie! The colour is so pretty, great choice IMO! :D And absolutely LOVE the earrings, they're so freaking cute <3 Lol I'm listening to Protest The Hero! Go take a listen if you like screamo ((:



  6. Oh I love how you pose its so fun poses and I love the first pic!

    Please go to my blog and check out this post about fireworks and comment! Pelase! Thank you!


  7. Haha that's not an immense amount of pictures, I'm the one who is always posting way too many pictures^^
    I like your outfit, love that dress!

  8. Ooh, I love your Day of the Dead earrings, I'm a bit skeleton obsessed after living in Mexico. Glad you're feeling better too!
    I'm following you on Bloglovin now by the way, forgot to mention it before!

  9. the dress is so cute! I really love the bow neckline and the colour!
    The beanie looks so great on you too- i love hats! xx

  10. Thank you for
    following my blog.
    And the comment!!
    The shoes are fun.


  11. aren't beanies the best?? I love them! I can't wait to go to forever21 and stock up :) love your dress! You look so pretty!

  12. Glad you're feeling better! Too bad I think I'm starting to get sick...noooo!

    I LOVE that dress on you, these photos are so fun lady :]

  13. I am glad you are feeling better!!! and I must say that you also look amazing... i love that dress and it looks great on you!

  14. Ack! My comment didn't save, boo hotel wifi! Love these photos Rhi!

    I've got skeleton tights which I've never ever worn!

  15. Glad you are feeling better, I think you should keep the dress it looks very pretty on you xx

  16. I like your dress. Kind of vintage, right?

    I'm following you now
    Hope you follow me back

    Cheers and hug,

    Natalie's blog

  17. Those are neat earrings! I have some skeleton ones, too. :DD <3 They are dangly fun and wonder!

    That dress is so adorable on you and I love that you put those boots with it. :) Cute cute!

  18. I love your earrings!!! And the dress is adorable.
    I have some skull earrings that I bought last week.. :D



  19. So glad you are feeling better...super cute dress!

    Have a Fashionable Day:)
    Statements in Fashion Blog

  20. Ha, you're sweet! Glad you're feeling better x

  21. I love your photos you look great. I'm so happy you feel better :)

  22. Hey lovely, check out my blog when you're free, I have an award waiting for you there! :)

  23. What a cute outfit!!! I love your style :) XX


  24. Aww.. cute outfit & I love your beanie in the first picture!


  25. I just saw that you won another award Miss Sunshine, wow, congratulations!!

  26. glad to hear you're better - I had never noticved your swallow tats, loving them x


  27. those earings rule so hard!! also, is your blog title from Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?


  28. Just discovered your blog. I think it's great and am now following. Look forward to your posts. Stunning.

    Love, always
    Karoline @ SECONDHAND NEWS

  29. hello! I love reading your blog - finally delurking here to share this vintage bag giveaway, please take a look!


  30. really adorable photos! and amazing blog!
    check out mine!

  31. I haven't found any bands I'm really enjoying lately.
    But you look adorable...I like the beanie and the pinkish dress.

  32. glad your feeling better! i love those boots and earrings too.

  33. elle est magnifique cette robe, et portée avec les bottes, tu l'as met vraiment en valeur.
    Bravo pour ce look

  34. hey just found your blog and love it. Devil makes three is also one of my fave bands. Love their cover of cheap rewards! Consider me your new follower!


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