Monday, November 1, 2010

Zombies and Zombettes

Feliz Dia De Los Muertos and Happy Belated Halloween!!!
I hope everyone had a good weekend, and if you celebrated either of the holidays, I hope you had an awesome time! ;) My actual Halloween was kind of ho-hum, considering that I had to work and then wrote a geologic hazards report (woo-hoo :/ ), but I did dress up for work as a fifties waitress zombie! It was pretty epic, especially since I was the only one who dressed up haha! Friday night, though, I went to San Francisco with my friend and her boyfriend for a friend's party, which was super fun. It was Under The Sea themed, but I went as a rockabilly zombie since I already had picked out my costume. Some of my friends went as Poseidon, a narwhal, and a sea cucumber... I wish I had taken pictures but I am a flake! Oops! ;)
Today ended my zombie streak, though, and it was back to normal clothes... so sad! It was pretty nice out today, but a little cooler this evening, which meant that I could break out my boots! I love wearing dresses with boots, especially during Fall when it fits the weather so well. I am also a big fan of tall socks peaking over boots too, which I didn't realize I liked until last Winter when I saw tons of people all over school wearing them. :)
Dress: Bought Secondhand ($10) Socks: ($15 from The Sock Shop) Boots: Bamboo ($20 from Ross) Earrings: ($5 from Pacific Sun)
Now I'm off to study for my Marine Geology midterm... wish me luck!!!


  1. Your outfit.. is seriously way awesome! Your face makes me happy. And I like your friends' costumes, too. No worries, my Halloween was ho-hum as well. ;) We avoided the trick-or-treaters and went shopping at this new outlet (I got a coat for 45% off.. aahhh!) and ate noodles. Awe yeah.

  2. you did a great job with your zombie make up and costume

  3. cute costume! and i am LOVING your boots, very cute!

    good luck studying!!


  4. Such a nice Halloween costume, hope you had fun!

  5. You weren't nearly as flakey as me this halloween, I didn't get out the door. Cute outfit, I'm also a fan of the tall socks with boots look!

  6. if there's anyone who can do halloween good, I knew it would be you!

    i'm very sad that I am once again missing the dia de los muertos! no fun at the cemetery for me.



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  7. those boots are so good and I love your zombie makeup! maybe next year I will go as something scary for a change!


  8. If that polka dot dress goes missing, its probz cause i stole'd it!
    your under the sea themed idea...i. die. thats perfection.
    you should seriously win a prize for calling out my super troopers inspired title. in college i had a pretty eclectic group of friends that included some foreign artsy kids, i made them watch it once and the looks on their faces was enough to solidify that movie into my top 10. (so you know-they loved it and called it 'so american' and 'funny'...leave it to me to show off the best of american culture ;) )

  9. How did I miss these pics???

    You look great hunnie...really cool makeup:)

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  10. you look scary but your cute poses make it ok. heh

  11. So cute! Love the last outfit. Sometimes a mellow Halloween isn't too bad...I didn't do anything except sit at home and rock some scary make-up!

    Good luck on your midterm!

  12. I love your costume! hehe and your last outfit is goorgeous xx

  13. I love the costumes!! Zombies are just great! Hah, I totally forget to take pictures of fun stuff, and regret it later too! Sounds like you had a lot of fun though!! (Well other than the report writing...) I'm totally with you about the dress + socks peeking over the boots combo! Super cute outfit!! :)

  14. love your earings in the last pic.. we have the liking cheap nice buys in common. check out my fairly new blog n follow if u like

  15. COOL blog sweetie!!! so happy to be following you!

    make sure to follow my blog back babe!



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